Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Six Year Old Girl Accidentally Discovers HUGE Internet Marketing Mistake...

Believe it or not, a six year old girl accidentally stumbled onto the single biggest mistake Internet marketers make when it comes to driving traffic to their website.

Are you making this mistake too? Keep reading to find out.

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My friend Justin Michie told me this story. Here's what happened:

Justin's friend has a six year old daughter named Suzanne. She decided to open up a lemonade stand in her neighborhood, and according to the "best practices of running a lemonade stand", she did everything right... except one thing (which completely ruined her chances of success).

She build a beautiful table, made pitchers of sweet, pink lemonade, and even worked all night on a big sign that was a work of art. But there was a problem.

Suzanne lived on a dead end street. Sure, her family and friends bought lemonade from her, but after that, she had no one else to sell to, because NOBODY KNEW HER LEMONADE STAND EVEN EXISTED.

You see, she created an incredibly tasty (and profitable) product, and she even had her conversion system down pat (she was quite the little sales person). But she didn't make much money at all, because she didn't know how to divert the hundreds of cars nearby over to the dead end
street where her stand was.


If you're anything like me, then you know the frustration that comes with KNOWING you have a quality product, but not making any sales. The missing ingredient, as I'm sure you know, is traffic... and lots of it!

Think about how your business would be completely transformed if you knew exactly how to drive traffic to your website anytime you wanted. Think about how much more money you'd make if you could create a steady, automated flow of traffic to your site.

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I have to admit, traffic generation used to seem like it was some kind of dark, mysterious art. It seemed like some people knew how to create it, while everyone else was left scratching their heads and wondering how they did it.

That's what I USED to think until I read Justin Michie's brand new report called 'The Traffic Tips Report'. This free, downloadable report (available instantly) will teach you exactly what to do to begin driving tons of new visitors to your site, even if you're brand new to marketing and
don't know anything about HTML.

In fact, this report will probably help you even MORE if you're a newbie, because you won't have to unlearn any bad habits that other teachers have given you.

I'm willing to bet that, after checking out this report, you'll immediately find a strategy or technique that you hadn't thought of, and will begin getting immediate results from.

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