Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Original Funded Sponsoring System Gets Better

The New Rich Report is a new program that's just taking off with the launch of GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) in the near future. The two network marketing memberships fulfill a need in internet marketing for the average marketer and can earn most people a good amount of extra cash. GVO is functionally Kiosk, which is a domain, hosting, and autoresponder company, supplying the much needed resources that each marketer needs to make their name or business branded and optimized for regular traffic.

The New Rich Report concentrates on four main concepts.

These 4 concepts are:

1. List Building and Monetizing Your List

2. Funded Proposals and Funded Sponsoring

3. Leverage and Duplication

4. Successful Products and Services to Sell

When you sign up with New Rich Report this is what you'll get:

* Free Funded Sponsoring Success Audio Course
* Free Fully Automated, Ready To Take Orders E-Commerce Websites
* Free Step-By-Step Internet Marketing Guide and Video Tutorial Series
* Free Live Generic Network Marketing Training with Top Industry Trainers

...and hopefully also the success that you deserve! The simplicity of the system as stated in the free report is that the system is set up for members success, all you have to do is follow through with the actions necessary for success.

Joel Broughton, the author of the Free New Rich Report describes, "One word that you will learn to love in building a successful business is LEVERAGE. Leverage is important since each of us really only has 24 hours each day. You can gain leverage in two ways in New Rich, through helping others to duplicate your efforts, and through your own advertising efforts."

The funded proposal and funded sponsoring system included in New Rich Report are all about leverage and how they do this is to provide one low cost product to cover advertisement costs, one medium priced product that every marketer is in need of which will pay you more in earnings, and the third way of list building and earning is through your own primary business of choice. This can be any business you prefer and it doesn't have to be your sponsor's business, neither does everyone who joins have to join their sponsor's program either.

This setup makes funded proposals a win/win situation and Joel explains more about how you earn income in this program,"Recurring income will come in 3 forms. Repeat sales of the same products to the same customers. Sales of new products to the same customers. Sales of new products to new customers. Are you currently making money from all 3??...or just the first (repeat sales to the same customers)."

The founders of New Rich Report are Joel Broughton and Janet Legere, founder of EarthFriendlyBiz generic prospecting system. Joel is formerly of Pay it Forward 4 Profits, which I started with back in 2007. What I really liked about that program was the success guide and not only the basic way he teaches, but the completeness of information available in the back office, the plug in play system of following through with the actions, and the economical means of achieving each of the steps of the system. They are really very cost efficient methods of advertisement.

Joel Therein, owner of GVO, likes to brag about how cost effective the GVO system is with NRR also. He will tell you that it's the most cost effective way to go about this type of training and list building. The Success Guide, I'm happy to say is also in the back office of New Rich Report, the only differences being more refined and experienced success with the principles. And Janet is also an excellent teacher of list building and network marketing. The system provides all the training necessary.

Joel Broughton puts it simply by saying, "OK, you have the information.

Now you need to put it into ACTION.

The best information in the world is useless without putting it into motion in the physical world.

I've given you the formula and the tools to earn auto-pilot residual income on the Internet.

What will you do with it?"

People like Jane Mark, Mike Glaspie, Jonah Klimack,
Colin Clinkert, Frank Bauer, Bram Smith, Rachel Long ... are all on board!

Have you got your copy yet? The report and system are Free as well as the back office training with internet marketing professionals, so what's stopping you?

New Rich Report and Sponsoring System

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